Belajar Cara Membuat Pidato Bahasa Inggris disertai Contoh

Membuat pidato bahasa inggris merupakan salah satu cara untuk meningkatkan kemampuan berkomunikasi dalam bahasa inggris. Dengan membuat pidato, anak akan dilatih membuat tulisan berbahasa inggris untuk kemudian disampaikan di depan umum. Pidato akan mengasah kemampuan bahasa inggris dalam hal menulis, mengasah kreativitas, membaca, mendengarkan, dan juga berlatih berbicara bahasa inggris di depan umum yang akan melatih mental dan meningkatkan rasa percaya diri anak. Berikut ini adalah beberapa tips tahapan dalam membuat pidato disertai contoh penggalan pidato dalam bahasa inggris untuk berbagai topik. 
Tips Membuat Pidato
  • Tahap 1. Mengidentifikasi Audiens
  • Tahap 2. Menentukan Topik yang Spesifik
  • Tahap 3. Membuat Poin dan Ringkasan
  • Tahap 4. Menyusun Naskah Pidato
  • Tahap 5. Memberikan Data Dukungan yang Akurat
  • Tahap 6. Membuat Kesimpulan
  • Tahap 7. Mengukur Waktu yang Disediakan
Contoh Penggalan Pidato untuk Berbagai Topik

Penggalan Pidato Tentang Ibu
“Imagine tenderness and affection when we talk about mother. Mother, the first woman we know. a woman who is willing to sacrifice everything for their children. In tears and laughter, mom is never tired to care for and raise us. At this moment, let’s promise that we must give happiness to our mother. It can be done by being a good child, and being something the mother can be proud of, also listen to all her wishes and complaints”
Penggalan Pidato Tentang Narkoba
“Drug abuse among youths is now increasingly worrying. This can threaten the survival of the next generation. Therefore, the prevention of drugs among youth is our responsibility. In this case, teachers, parents, students must play an active role in preventing drug abuse. Equally important, moral and religious education should be more emphasis on students. Because, one of the causes is the lack of moral and religious education”
Penggalan Pidato Tentang Lingkungan
“Earth and nature have provided wealth to humans. But human does not give the reciprocity that it should. As youths we should be active in caring for the earth in various ways such as dumping trash in its place, planting trees, energy efficiency, and so on. If it can not be done, at least do not do something that can damage the earth”
Penggalan Pidato Tentang Pendidikan
“Education is something very important, because it affects the rise of a nation. With education, it can be built a civilization of the nation. Education not only teaches cognitive aspects, but it should teach other aspects such as character education or psychomotor. Most importantly, education can be done anywhere, and the smallest can start from the family”
Penggalan Pidato Tentang Perpisahan
“Each meeting will have an end. Farewell is synonymous with sorrow. However, if we are able to interpret separation, then we should see separation as a moment for us to develop into a better person in a new place. Learn to get out of the comfort zone and adapt to the new environment. Therefore, people who are able to interpret separation, will rise up and learn from the old place to develop themselves in a new place”
Penggalan pidato diatas merupakan sebagian contoh kalimat yang dapat digunakan dalam pidato bahasa inggris. Selamat mencoba!

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