A New Idea To The Health Insurance Crisis In US
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A New Idea to The Health Insurance Crisis in US

A new solution to the astronomical number of uninsured Americans while keeping the health care industry private.

The lack of health insurance coverage for more than 41 million Americans is one of the most pressing problems in the United States. Most older Americans are insured through Medicare, and nearly two-thirds of uninsured Americans receive health insurance through employer-sponsored plans, but employers provide reimbursement. Many workers and their families remain uninsured because they are absent or unable to pay for maintenance. compensation. Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance (SCHIP) or HAWK-I here in Iowa can help bridge some of the gaps between low-income children and their parents, but this program’s coverage is limited. As a result, millions of uninsured Americans face adverse health effects from medical delays and negligence, making expanding insurance to the uninsured a national priority. – (Information obtained from kff.org)

The sheer number of people who have to go without health insurance is nothing but a crisis in this country at the moment. Over the past few decades, we’ve been in a vicious cycle of health insurance premiums that are too high even for middle-class families. As a result, the uninsured will not be able to cover their healthcare costs, often resulting in financial ruin for their families, continued loss of income for the medical community, and increased healthcare costs. You need to increase your health insurance premiums to cover the increase in health care costs.

Many proposals have been made by politicians on both sides of the island, from promoting similar Medicare to the Canadian system to approving Medicaid savings accounts and cracking down on petty actions against the medical community. Many of these proposals have their good points, but they also have major drawbacks as well as good points. For example, the National Social Health Program eliminates the need for a lump sum for health insurance, and the cost is covered by taxes, but in theory it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. But the failure of this system included a shortage of new doctors willing to enter the field due to the inevitable decline in income, while demand increased due to a lack of personal responsibility. In short, if people don’t have to worry about the deductions or out-of-pocket expenses that usually prevent people from seeking treatment for simple things, they can simply go to the doctor whenever they feel sick or ill. Now that everyone has got an appointment and at the same time is missing a doctor due to lack of incentives, there are queues waiting for people with major health problems.

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The current rallying cry by Republicans in the Bush administration is the push for HSAs (Health Savings Accounts). With your premium every month. All money withdrawn from a savings account for qualifying medical expenses is “tax-free” and unlike flexible expense accounts that are widely known in employer-based planning, you do not lose money that you put into your account. Don’t use it. Basically, if you haven’t used the money in your savings account, you can withdraw or move to another vehicle when you can use the 62 1/2 penalty to retire free, I can do that. This is a viable option for some people, but in most cases the premium for this plan is still high and sufficient if extensive maintenance is required in the first few years of the policy. A savings account helps fill in the gap and the person is responsible for most of the expenses.

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I realize now that I think this is one of the biggest problems from a health insurance agent’s point of view. That is, people with existing health cannot receive compensation. Of the number of people who call my office for health insurance coverage, about half are in health conditions where the insurance company refuses to apply for the person or are essentially modified passengers, I have to say this is there. Compensation does not include all claims related to the case. An example of a condition that I often encounter is high blood pressure, or hypertension. These conditions can result in the company rejecting the application altogether if other factors are involved, but the most common are the drivers of patch exceptions. You might think this isn’t a big deal, but after all, blood pressure medications are the only thing they have to shove out of their pocket, but

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