A vegetarian diet may be best for humans 2
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A Vegetarian Diet May be Best for Humans Part 2

This is a continuation of my article with the same title.
I have some popular products that non-vegetarians consume. So why are they really unhealthy and have a vegan diet as your food choice? Find out why you need to think about it. Try it now and see what your friends are doing for at least a month.

Definitely go here for more dangerous non-vegetarian food.

Vegetarian Diet: Products to Avoid and Why (Continued)

Animal milk is basically a lot of people. It is very acidic and forms mucus. The fact that you have to drink the milk of other creatures after weaning from the mother is actually a joke, and the promotion promoted by its supporters is mainly for their own benefit.
Being a pre-digested food, it has been shown to cause a variety of gastric and colonic complications, including: B. Cramps and cramps. Calcium is hard to be absorbed. It enters the bloodstream and eventually accumulates in tissues, cells and joints, causing severe pain and distress. Milk contains antibiotics, bacteria, pesticides, cholesterol, and powerful growth hormones that cause serious problems for the human body.

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Contrary to hype, drinking milk does not prevent osteoporosis. A 1995 Harvard Health Survey of more than 75,000 women found that women who appeared to get calcium from milk had more fractures than women who drank little or no milk. rice field.

Animal milk is for animals, not for you. Think about it. However, it is advisable to eliminate milk and all dairy products from your diet for optimal health.

I read that raw goat milk may be sufficient for breastfeeding mothers to feed their babies, but I think breast milk is better. If for some reason you feel you can’t continue without milk, at least make sure the milk is diluted and maple syrup is added to the solution.

Some studies have shown that cottage cheese is less harmful and may have laxative properties. However, due to its creamy texture, I think coconut milk with regular avocado or Brazilian avocado is much more suitable.

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By the way, soymilk is not superior to milk because it is basically a high-protein legume.

Unfortunately: This ad-rich product sold to fraudulent medical professionals should be scrapped. Only bees make it.
When taken in advance, it enters the bloodstream and raises blood sugar levels faster than normal. To correct this, the pancreas needs to produce insulin. If not, it can be fatal.
Replace real maple syrup with honey for a safer and more balanced sweetener.

Egg: worse than meat. Studies have shown that they are very constipated, the proteins are harmful and acidic, and the quality of the proteins is very high.

Fish: Many people proudly say, “You can’t make lean meat with just fish and chicken!” But they are very wrong about this. For the above reasons, eating meat is very dangerous, but eating fish is even worse. It rots faster than meat. If you cut the fish and meat side by side, you can see that the former is more perishable than the latter. Imagine what your body looks like from the inside. In addition, fish are a very bad choice due to the heavy metals contained in fish due to habitat pollution. So avoid fish as much as possible!

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Some non-vegetarians show physical vitality, but are usually as impatient and energetic as vegetarians. A glimpse of Bill Pearl, who won the Mr. Contest five times. universe. Even our distant cousin, the wild monkey, is also a vegetarian. After reading this article, don’t worry if you’re still worried about how safe and healthy it is to be a vegetarian, or if you need to be reassured about the benefits. is) is the biggest step you will ever take to improve your health.

Vegetarian diet for health and safe weight loss