Testimoni Peserta


1. I really needed assistance in interpreting financial statement which was not in my expertise. As soon as I read Sejasa service ad online, I contacted them by email and in about 2 days, they acknowledged the request & soon offered Royal to help me with the need. Royal had actively communicate and provided flexible schedule and price. Royal private teacher is also very easy to work with and knowledgeable – Yudhi Prilla, Karyawan Bank Swasta

2. Baik Pak mau ngajarin detil, jelasin dr dasar, bisa jawab pertanyaan praktis – Bu Eca, Accountant

3. Ok sih, bagus gurunya, trima kasih, semoga cocok y, mungkin harus nunggu sebln. Ibu Felic, Orang Tua Siswa Program Kelas Internasional

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